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Wine Taster, French Silver by Christofle


Pair of UK Sterling Table SALT & PEPPER Shakers


Pair of Table Salt & Pepper Shakers


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Antique SEVRES Porcelain Group of Perroquets

Superb French Porcelain Group of the most colorful Perroquets. Handmade, Handpainted and fully Hallmarked. The Group consists of 3 Perroquet Birds perched on Branches of an old colorful Tree with Vines. Dimensions & Photos: See the Larger Photo by clicking on the photo to the left. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are Exceptional, no Chips & no Cracks.

About SEVRES, French Porcelain:

Sèvres Porcelain traces its roots in France to early craftsmen who had small manufacturing operations in such places as Lille, Rouen. St. Cloud, and most notably Chantilly. It is from Chantilly that a cadre of workers migrated to the Chateau de Vincennes near Paris to form a larger porcelain manufactory in 1738. French King Louis XV, perhaps inspired by his rumored relationship with mistress Madame de Pompadour, took an intense interest in porcelain and moved the operation in 1756 to even larger quarters in the Paris suburb of Sevres. Sevres was also conveniently near the Home of Madame de Pompadour and the King's own Palace at Versailles.

SEE more History of Sèvres in my Blog

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POSTAL SCALE & Stamp Box, Napoléon III - My last Postal Scale

RARE 19th Century Desk model of a Postal Scale in complete original and working condition. Click on photo to see workmanship and detail of the black ebony wood base and the decoration of the Bronze Scale. Ebony wood base has compartment to hold stamps and Scale rests on 4 scrolled feet carved out of the base. All of the gradations are intact. Dimensions: 9.5" tall x 7" deep x 5" wide. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are Exceptional. SEE another I sold on eBay under 'Items Sold' above, or below.

PRICE on Request

Gilt Bronze XIXth Century Decorative Curtain, Drape, Towel or CLOTHES Holder

Fabulous Heavy Antique French Gilded Bronze Decorative HOOK used for Curtains, Drapes or Towel or Bathrobe or Coat Hanger. It is Hallmarked with initials "J C + #1042" (see Photos) Decoration overall is in Relief with outstanding Detailing The small Finial is removable and the quality & Detail of the Bronze and the overall design are outstanding. DIMENSIONS are 5.5" Long & Back is 4.75" Long. From a French Chateau in the Loire Valley, Circa NAPOLÉON III. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are exceptional.


French Silver Desk INK BLOTTER, Napoléon III Circa 1850-1870)

Antique French Bronze & heavily plated SILVER INK BLOTTER. Decorated on each side with mystical faces, and lots of wonderful well detailed scrollwork. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are excellent. Dimensions: 5" long and about 3" wide. Comes apart in several pieces for cleaning and changing the Blotters.

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CHRISTOFLE Silver Cork Saver for Dom Perignon, Paris

An incredibly beautiful, heavy, ingenious and practical way to Save the Cork of that Special Bottle of Champagne which recalls wonderful memories. The workmanship of the Silversmith demonstrates the Quality this famous Parisian Firm of Silversmiths was capable of producing. Handmade, with its Dom Perignon Pouch also comes with the Original Christofle Presentation Box for the Purchaser. What a fantastic Birthday or Anniversary Gift. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are Exceptional with only minor surface scraches.

PRICE on Request

LETTER OPENERS, 5 Different -Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Silver, Bronze, Ivory, Gilt

Here are 5 of my Letter Openers varying in Material and age. I have a collection of more than 50. Click the Photo to see all 5. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are exceptional. I do have other models available.

PRICES on Request

Christofle/Collection 'Gallia' - Silver Plate JARDINIERE / CENTERPIECE

Antique plated Silver Jardiniere or Centerpiece with original green glass liner. It was made circa 1930. Came from a French Chateau in the Loire Valley, France. Dimensions: 13.5" Long x 4.5" High. Condition & Quality are very good with minor chips on the top of the glass liner. Created by Christofle at a time when Christofle was not mass producing and their artisans had the time to create a work of Art. The Silver Bowl is marked Gallia which was reserved for the more Avant Garde design range of Christofle and makes it that much more desirable.



Fabulous HANDMADE 5pc Art Deco Fireplace Utensil set, Circa 1930's. Condition & Quality excellent with minor normal wear and in original condition with no replating. Dimensions: 11.75" high x 7.5" wide across the back. Includes 4 original utensils. Stoker, Shovel, Pinchers and Brush (hair set in wooden base). Beautiful detail on each utensil. Easily mistaken for a 'Demetre Chiparus' Design. Unsigned, but, very high quality nonetheless.


MEDAL or Placque commemorating the French Stock Exchange 'La BOURSE'>

Large Bronze Medal sculpted by & signed "René Baudichon" to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the French Stock Exchange, 'La Bours' in 1826. Detail is quite extraordinary. Stamped 'Bronze'. Dimension: 2.75" wide x 2" high. RENÉ BAUDICHON was born in Tours France 1878-1963. First attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Tours and went on to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1897. His teachers were Barrias, Sicard, Vernon. Since 1903 Baudichon exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francais. In 1904 he won a third class medal at the Salon de Paris, the Société des Artistes Francais awarded him a silver medal in 1914 and a gold medal in 1921. Museum of Tours. Weight 104 Grams


INKWELL Ormolu Bronze Gilded - Napoléon III

Exquisitely decorated Napoleon III bronze/ormolu gilded with porcelain ink well. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are outstanding. Dimensions, about 6.25" long x 2.5" high. Shell motif, decorated all over.


ART DECO French CARD Tray or 'Vide Poche' i.e. for pocket change

Exquisite Art Deco Card Tray or Vide Poche (change tray) in beautiful French Enamel and Gold metal. There is some cracquelure on the Dancer and her face is Ivory I believe. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are excellent. Dimensions: 4.75" wide x 4" high.


STAMP BOX French, Napoléon III Circa 1870

ANTIQUE XIXth Century Hand made Stamp Box in cross-banded wood marquetry and in very good condition with normal usage wear. The Hinges like the Stamp Box were Hand Made and are engraved with decoration. There are 4 compartments for stamps and the inside of the Box has been Lacquered, black. Imagine the amount of labor involved in making a tiny Box like this in Marquetry, a labor of love; France did not have 35hrs/week! Length 6", Width 2 3/8" and Height 1.5"


Fabulous STAMP BOX Sterling Silver, American>

Elegant, decorative, practical Sterling Silver Stamp Box, 2 compartments with 18k Gold Vermeil interior. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are excellent. Hallmarked on the bottom: "Sterling + B2163 + 3 unreadable marks" Dimensions: 2 7/8" x 1.5" across the top.


Chinese Cloisonné Covered BOWL, XIXth Century

Large Antique Cloisonné covered bowl in beautifully decorated multi colored enamels. Inlaid in richly hued enamels, decorated with colorful floral patterns against a deep turquoise background. The exposed edges and base are finished in Gilt metal.The cover is decorated with 2 mountainous landscapes with cranes--the 2 scenes are joined by the same floral patterns from the bottom part of the bowl. Sitting majestically on the top of the cover is a solid Bronze 'Fu Dog' Finial, protecting the Bowl and its contents. Condition and Quality are excellent. Enamel is in fine condition, some minor pitting. Dimensions: 8.25" in diameter and 5.5" tall to Fu Dog.


DRESDEN 'Pugs' Hand Painted

Pair of DRESDEN Pugs or Dogs, Signed "Dresden" on the bottom of each. This fabulous pair of Vintage Dresden Pugs collared with six (6) gold bells, or, Stafordshire English Bulls, or Boston Terriers. I believe them to be Antique. They appear to have the earmarks of the Boston Terrier. I see these fellows going back to where the Boston Terrier did not have it's tail docked, such as todays Boston Terrier. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are excellent, well marked, stamped and numbered. 8.5" tall

RESERVED Sale Pending

Chinese Porcelain & French Ormolu Bronze COVERED INCENSE

IMPORTANT Signed CHINESE PORCELAIN & ENAMEL & FRENCH ORMOLU POT, QING Dynasty. What a magnificent CENTERPIECE! Porcelain extremely fine and well decorated with water lillies, flowers, insects, butterflies, etc. Ormolu is French and XIXth Century with 18th Century quality. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY including the Gilding are exceptional. 14.5" tall.

RESERVED, Sale Pending. Sorry, Sold.

MENU Flower Holder &/or MATCH HOLDER, Paris Porcelain

Rare Antique Menu, Flower Pot & Match Holder in fine Paris Porcelain with Gold Leaf gilding. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are excellent. 6.25" tall x 4"deep x 4". Designed so that Menu can be written and erased and Flowers placed for decoration. Matches were placed in the small bowl and side could serve as striker.

Sorry, SOLD to MS, in NZ

BOOKENDS, Bronze pair of Humingbirds, C.1920

Price on Request


An extremely fine Hand Blown French Bottle Circa 1700's for WINE or, you can use it for Cognac, Calvados, Armagnac etc. Color is beautiful with tiny Bubbles appearing throughout. Base has an incredibly deep kick-up of about 2". 'Pontil' Clean, round & smooth, NO chips, nicks or cracks except minor defects from origin. Bottom is clean and smooth and the Kick-up is rounded inside and more rounded outside. Fill it with your favorite Vintage Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados or Wine & see the difference it makes on a Table. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are exceptional considering its Age & use. DIMENSIONS 11 1/8" Tall with Base Diameter of about 3.25".

Sorry, SOLD to R.F.

18th Century BURGUNDY WINE BOTTLE, DECANTER, Circa 1725 Simply, Impossible to find!

An extra fine Handblown French Burgundy Wine BOTTLE which I have decided to Sell. Light as a feather, about 155grams. Consider that an average empty wine bottle will weigh about 400-500g. Very tiny Bubbles appear throughout. Base has an incredibly deep kick-up of about 3.25". 'Pontil' rough from being Handblown and then cut, NO chips, nicks or cracks. Color is a light Green/Brown. Bottom is clean and smooth. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are exceptional considering it is over 250 years OLD. DIMENSIONS 11.25" Tall with Base Diameter of about 4.75". Very light in weight but wonderful in the Hand. Consider the Price today of a good bottle of Wine. WHEN have you ever seen an 18th Century Burgogne Bottle anything like this one? One sees immediately where the Silversmith and Vigneron created the Ombilic Wine Taster which dates from the same period. This is an Historic Work of Art in Glass!

Sorry, SOLD to R.F.

RARE Dated 1858 'Seal' BOTTLE for Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados or WINE

An extremely fine Hand Blown French Seal Bottle Dated '1858'. For Cognac or Wine this bottle was possibly blown later to hold an 1858 Vintage of Wine, Cognac or Calvados. Color is beautiful with tiny Bubbles appearing throughout. Base has an incredibly deep kick-up of about 3". 'Pontil' Clean, round & smooth, NO chips, nicks or cracks. Color is a Mediteranean Green. Bottom is clean and smooth. Fill it with your favorite Vintage Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados or Wine & see the difference it makes on a Table. CONDITION, WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY are exceptional. DIMENSIONS 12.25" Tall with Base Diameter of about 3.25". Compare with item #6157125874.

Sorry, SOLD to a Dr. & Wine Collector

Wine & Wine Decanter LABELS in Sterling Silver

A small assortment of Labels for WINE, ALCOHOL and DECANTERS in Silver. The Whiskey_Rye Label is 'Tiffany' Sterling.

PRICES on Request